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After 7 years of school at Hogwarts, the students have finally graduated and they are now ready to move on with their lives.

This is Akashic University of Extended Learning, where students from magical schools all around travel to further their education on many aspects of the Wizarding world.

Whether it’s to become an Auror, a professor, or any other possible careers, all students must attend Akashic University of Extended Learning for an education or professional training.

It’s main purpose is to train witches and wizards for their future careers.

*We don’t want to throw too many details at you, as we want to leave it open to interpretation and allow for your creativity.

Years 1-6 all happened in accordance to the books. However, book seven hasn't happened, as we have created our own seventh year.

The details of the 7th year are sketchy.

We know for sure that Harry Potter defeated Voldemort as well as all of his horcruxes and that a war never came to light. The Ministry of Magic held an investigation to guarantee the death of Voldemort. Even though they took this precaution, a lot of the Wizarding world still lives in fear of an embodiment of the Dark Lord returning and gaining a strong hold over them again.

Since the death of the Dark Lord, the citizens of the Wizarding world have tried to continue with their lives as normally as they can. With this new found and hopefully permanent peace there have still been some unsettling disturbances by scattered supporters of Voldemort who are still trying to fulfill dream of the Dark Lord and a new master is ascending into power.

Unfortunately the Ministry of Magic was never able to pin anything on any Hogwarts students and therefore they were all allowed to attend college, even some as possible Death Eaters.

Characters in university
Original characters are welcome.

Bones, Susan susie_is_boned
Davies, Aubrey bre_daves
Finnigan, Seamus mexluckyxcharms
Frazer, Andrew andyfraz
Granger, Hermione hjgonwards
Greengrass, Daphne puregreengrass
Longbottom, Neville nevillelongrear
Malfoy, Draco drako_malfojs
Nott, Theodore theoroar
Parkinson, Pansy dont_b_a_pansy
Patil, Padma padmaeatshearts
Potter, Harry potter_seeker80
Smith, Zacharias zachishot
Thomas, Dean watchdeandraw
Van Hedwig, Morlet morletvanhedwig
Weasley, Charlie charliewatches
Weasley, Ron roniekins
Wood, Oliver oliverwouldkeep
Zabini, Blaise letmeprey

Characters in Hogwarts
Original characters are welcome.

Lovegood, Luna loonygood
Snape, Severus sev_snaped
Weasley, Ginny ginnyinatutu

1)You must create a new journal for your character. The username must relate to your character somehow.
2)Only choose a main character if you are able to post on a regular basis. If you can not, please consider a less main character.
3)Multiple characters are allowed, as long as you think you can post regularly as both characters.
4)Please try to stay in character. Obviously you can take some liberties as people will have changed with the events of the 7th year and of course can change even more with the events throughout the RPG.
5)No flaming
6)Keep OOC talk to the OOC community, or IMs.
7)Please pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Keep all posts in third person.
8)All pairings are welcome (het, slash, femmslash)
9)This site is generally rated R, but be forewarned that some threads could possible go to NC-17. If this is the case, please put your post under an LJ cut & provide a warning.
10)No godmoding or taking liberties with other people’s characters.
11)If a post is only between you and a certain other character, please be sure to specify that in the subject line so that other characters realize. As for the other characters, please respect the subject lines and only post if it’s directed at you or if it’s an open thread.
12)You must have your email viewable for all members.
13) Rememeber to join the OOC community afterwards_occ

Everyone is more than welcome to watch this community, but only join as your character. To apply, please follow these directions. Then click 'join community' and await mod approval. This is a first come first serve basis but if you get on one of the mods's good side, we may reserve a character for you.

Also, if you're considering joining, please include contact info on your profile.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with one of the maintainers. We're nice. Promise. Thanks.

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This is a restart of afterwards_hp. A lot of us had fond memories and wanted a new chance.